Auto / Light Truck Service – Quicklube

Nowhere is efficeincy more important than in a repair shop or quick lube. Limited space and tight margins mean you need to buy your parts right and turn cars quickly.  Oil change specials will get customers in the store and on the lifts but the speed of your service will determine the size of your profit.

A profitable low cost oil change means you turn the cars quickly

  • Get the oil drained fast
  • Get the oil filled fast
  • Buy your parts right and buy your oil in bulk

Whether you use lifts or pits, the steps are the same drain – fill – repeat. There is no magic, just a good planning, hard work and the right equipment.  “Loaned” equipment from an oil supplier can be an excellent way to save some capital. However, consider loaned equipment as a building block as it usually won’t cover all the dispense points or the used-oil equipment. Remember: When performing an oil change, half the labor and ALL the lift time is spent handling used oil.

Think long term and try to have an oil gun everywhere you will be changing oil.  Turn around times can double when a tech leaves the bay during an oil change.  Have enough drains so there is no waiting for one to come available (or to find an empty one).   Better still, make it easy to quickly, cleanly and safely empty the drains.  This will encourage techs to actually empty the drains versus walking the shop to find one with room left in it.


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