Oil Marketers

Oil Marketer

Haldeman sells nothing but lube equipment. We view ourselves as a partner and a resource for oil marketers, not a competitor. We have worked with most oil companies in the tri-state area providing services that range from repair help (when their own equipment stafff gets too busy) to full blown installations for high-value, high-profile customers. Whether you need help with a single repair call or would like to explore offloading some or all of your equipment functions, we can help.

Lube equipment is a low margin business so efficiency is critical. Our vehicles carry everything needed to put customers back in operation with one call or the return trip is free. We simply can’t afford free return trips so repairs are done once and done right. That isn’t a slogan, it is a business reality that has guided us from the day we opened! The formula is simple – employ full time technicians, install only quality equipment using high quality materials. This is the surest way to achieve trouble free installations that don’t waste time and money with call backs. Our customers (business owners themselves) agree with this high quality approach, earning Haldeman a 97% repeat customer rate!

Common Oil Marketer services include:

  • Emergency repairs
  • Parts Shipments*
  • Key Customer Installations
  • Tank package (assembly, delivery and installation)
  • Used oil equipment referrals
  • Salesman ride alongs and training
  • New systems design and consultation
  • Private label products
  • Joint projects and customer collaboration

*We maintain the largest stock of lube equipment in the area.  Using Haldeman to ship  your parts lowers your inventory and reduces delivery times to the customer (win-win).



Haldeman Equipment is intent on building strong, lasting relationships servicing the Automotive, Truck Fleet, Farm Equipment, Industrial, and Specialty markets with the highest quality installation and customer service. We have partnered ourselves with leading manufacturers in today’s Lubrication Equipment industry.