Repair Service

We repair all major brands of lube equipment and air compressors.  

We provide mobile service and stock repair parts for tanks, pumps, hose reels and meters.

On-Site Service

Call (717) 989-8751 for repairs performed at your location. Our vans are stocked with everything needed to get your lube system up and running in one call.  If we are unable to restore lube operations the return call is on us!

For Service call (717) 989-8751

Request Service

Service vans complete repairs at your location

Complete Compressor Service

Scheduled Maintenance * Emergency repairs * Troubleshooting and upgrades

Call (717) 989-8751 or


Complete your own repairs with Parts Sales over the counter or shipped to you

Parts Sales

Our inside sales department will help you find the part you need to perform your own repairs.  We stock the largest inventory of lube equipment in the area including Graco, Balcrank and Lincoln.  We ship daily via UPS.

Parts Sales Call (717) 989-8751


Pallet Program

If you have multiple pieces of equipment needing repair, you can put everything on a pallet and ship it to us. Before we begin work we will give you a list of what is repairable and what is scrap. Often we can combine parts to make a whole working unit from multiple scrap units. This is ideal for companies that have been accumulating broken equipment or have lost their service department

Call to arrange a shipment (717) 989-8751

Ship all your broken equipment on a single pallet and receive a written estimate to repair the lot

Exchange / Rebuild

Quality pumps can be rebuilt to perform like new.  Send us your Graco or Balcrank pump and we will give it a complete overhaul using OEM parts.  For faster turn around you can purchase a previously rebuilt pump in exchange for your rebuildable core.  Call (717) 989-8751 to get started.

Annual Maintenance Programs

Often the first service performed on a lube system is for a catastrophic failure that could have been prevented. All too often systems die piece by piece as reels or handles fail and are not repaired.  With scheduled maintenance small problems don’t become large ones and your system continues to perform like the day it was installed. Regular service is extremely affordable and pays for itself with up time and productivity.

Get all the production you paid for by keeping your system in top condition.  Contact us for a quote. (717) 989-8751 


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