Mobile Equipment

Haldeman has built mobile equipment for bulk delivery, jobsite storage, mining equipment service, even operating inside a parking structure. We have built-out trailers, containers, box trucks, flat beds and skids.  The only limits are your imagination and the GVWR of your rig.

Design is the key:

Mobile platforms need to perform safely, efficiently and reliably in harsh conditions. Designing a system that will  travel on public highways and operate on remote jobsites requires experience and attention to detail.

  • Used Fluids – safely handling used fluids (collection, storage and transport) under all site conditions is critical.
  • Temperature – fluids stored in a truck that is parked outside or operates in freezing temperatures may require heat.
  • How and where the truck will be filled and emptied should be factored into the design right from the beginning.
  • Fluid Inventory Control – Do you want the mobile dispenses to be captured by your oil inventory system?

Things we avoid:

  • Site tubes and side mounted pumps save overhead space but require an opening near the bottom of the tank.  As a rule, we  try to avoid bottom openings in any tank.  This is especially important with mobile equipment as a leak could spill onto a highway or in an ecologically sensitive area.  Better just to avoid this possibility by not having any active openings in the bottom of a tank.

Bring us your ideas, your vehicle or your requirements and we will get a design started.

Repair Service


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