Heavy Equipment

Lube and fluid service are the lifeblood of heavy equipment. Haldeman Equipment has become the exclusive provider of lube systems for many Cat, Komatsu and Case dealers throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. Haldeman earned this trusted position with both dealers and users of heavy equipment by providing unmatched value through knowledge, experience and unrivalled workmanship.

Design Basics:

Flow Rate –  Each Haldeman design includes a calculation for the flow rate at each dispense point. Low flow rates can be avoided with proper design and installation. Beware of automotive systems scaled up to service a heavy equipment shop.

Coverage – Properly sized and located hose reels put the oil where you need it. No more finding out the fill hose doesn’t reach AFTER you have drained the oil!

Filtration – CRITICAL for equipment and challenging in dusty environments. Haldeman designed and installed one of the first systems in the country capable of meeting the CAT ISO-1613 standards for oil purity.

Accounting – Every drop of oil dispensed can be automatically tracked and recorded against a WO or vehicle #. No more missed billings no matter how busy you get.

Haldeman Equipment is intent on building strong, lasting relationships servicing the Automotive, Truck Fleet, Farm Equipment, Industrial, and Specialty markets with the highest quality installation and customer service. We have partnered ourselves with leading manufacturers in today’s Lubrication Equipment industry.