Cleveland Brothers

Cleveland Brothers is Pennsylvania’s premier Caterpillar Dealer.  High production and high standards were the design criteria for their newest shop.  An exclusive filtration system makes this one of the only dealers in the country capable of meeting ISO and Caterpillar standards for oil purity both  in the tanks and at the point of dispsense.

The main bulk storage tanks are located on a second floor mezzanine and set on “housekeeping” pads raising them 4″ above the finished floor.  This keeps dust and dirt from collecting under the tanks and increases visibility in case of a leak. The bulk tanks are equiped with circulation pumps and canister filters to enable filtering the oil right in the tank. A status panel alerts the Parts Manager to changes in the system including high tank levels and filters in need of changing.

Used fluids are handled safely and efficiently through well designed pump out stations for oil, coolant and mixed fluids.  Wall mounted drain trays keep the area organized and prevents full filters from being left on a rolling drain or thrown into a drum.

Secure outside cabinets house high volume hose reels for filling mobile service trucks and the remote fill ports for the main storage tanks.  These locking cabinets provide 24 hour access to the bulk oil for both the TLC trucks and the bulk fluid deliveries.  High volume pumps and hose reels fill the TLC trucks quickly and cleanly without interupting shop operations.

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