Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF)

There are plenty of options for storing and dispensing  DEF.  We have installed hundreds of systems using access doors, tall tanks, sheds and fuel-island cabinets.

  • Access Doors – Pull your vehicles alongside the building and dispense through an access door from a tote or tank stored securely inside.  Add a hose reel and you can reach up to 50′.(very economical)
  • Tall Tanks – Designed with the same footprint as a tote. They can be placed between service bays or along the walls of fuel lanes and wash bays.
  • Sheds – Can be placed anywhere on your yard. Sheds are reasonbly priced and can hold up to 4,000 gallons (portable or permanent).
  • Fuel-island cabinet – The fastest way to fill vehicles.  A heated cabinet houses the meter, handle and hose (reel). Installations using a heated hose can be done with a trench only 4″ deep.

We stock complete tote systems, hand pumps, handles, meters and hose reels.  Call us with your questions or to set up a site evaluation (717) 989-8751


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