D H Martin Excavating

Customer: DH Martin Excavating, Chambersburg, PA –operates a fleet of over 500 pieces of heavy equipment and trucks.

Situation: Over time the oil system had grown to include 7 fluids stored in 11 tanks across three buildings and dispensed from 22 locations. Oil purchases made up a significant portion of the operating budget and attempts to manually account for its usage were not working.


  • Account for all oil usage
  • Protect against theft
  • Link each dispense with a vehicle (or service record keeping)
  • Reconcile oil deliveries with oil consumption
  • Facilitate after hours top ups without leaving the shop open and the oil pumps “live” all night long

Solution: Through close communication and significant planning Haldeman designed a system that satisfied the needs of both the Controller and the Shop Manager. Without slowing the Techs down, a record of every oil dispense is automatically created.  Each record contains the vehicle number, tank, fluid, technician and the quantity. The information is automatically recorded, stored and available via report whenever needed. To keep track throughout the day, individual tickets are automatically printed and attached to each Work Order (WO) as an easy way to confirm the fluid service was performed

Result: Within a week DH Martin had full control and accurate accounting of every drop of oil that moved throughout their shop. Deliveries tied out with usage. Techs loved not having to watch the meter. They just pull the trigger and the system automatically shuts off when the desired quantity is dispensed.

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