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Haldeman equipment keeps thousands of over the road and local fleet vehicles on the road.  Fleet service requires no nonsense, rugged equipment such as double arm hose reels that can be pulled in any direction and stretched over toolboxes 100 times a day, oil pumps that deliver product fast, oil handles that take a beating and stay accurate and grease pumps and handles that work even when the grease gets cold.

Truck facilities more than any other type of service center need equipment that will hold up in a rugged shop environment. As a service company, Haldeman repairs thousands of pieces of equipment each year.  There is a clear difference in quality among lube equipment manufacturers. With more than a decade of experience, we know which brands will last and which will fail.  It is not a mystery to us.

Tell us about your application and we will reccomend the best product for your needs.

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Haldeman Equipment is intent on building strong, lasting relationships servicing the Automotive, Truck Fleet, Farm Equipment, Industrial, and Specialty markets with the highest quality installation and customer service. We have partnered ourselves with leading manufacturers in today’s Lubrication Equipment industry.